In a Search for Meaning

In a Search for Meaning

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A qualified search for meaning


`Like a drunkard down an alley littered with destructive possibilities, I search for meaning in unchartered territory. A territory that has no end or beginning, in a search of its own!’

Human kind has been on a perilous journey since time began. But maybe that is it, `Time’ – an illusionary construct that binds us to constant comparisons. In matter so dense that we might not feel our very own essence. How can this all be a choice? Let us look in a search for meaning.

Our lives are riddled with daily challenges, the magnitude of which is different depending on your view point. These challenges keep us on the searching trail for meaning.

 Is there a search without pain!

Pain is a poking constant throb that reminds us that there is more to this life than meets the eye. We often persist in our `knowledge’ of what we think we know.

Feeling a sense of victimisation as we feel a sense of entitlement to happiness.

Happiness that seems to allude us at every corner, often teasing us at moments that seem so temporal like a gashing wind.

But what are we searching for?

For sure, it cannot be happiness. Wherever we bought that tee-shirt that reads a postponed happiness in the future; we are due a refund.

When I was a child, I used to think I could walk to the horizon. It seemed so deceptively near that a few miles in, I would have been there. But where was this there? Was it a figment of my imagination? Could it have been a challenge for my ego to conquer?

Whatever it was, I surely would never reach it. But the belief that I could was real.

Moreover, this is what we are all doing in search for meaning. We have learnt as children to escape what is right in front in favour for what is beyond us. Not knowing that we can’t see beyond without seeing up close. For the vision is blurred and deceptive, the future will only be real if the present is honoured. Given its valuable place in our lives.

So I say, there is no meaning except the one you can harness in your present moment of Now! There is no tomorrow without today, live your present moment like a valuable gift. Because it is, when we project our happiness, beingness in the future; we fail to live today.

There is nowhere to go, nothing to do but just being. A state that all good prophets spoke about but of course the meaning is hidden for only the keen to decipher. Your happiness is here Now in your heart. Living in the heart doesn’t mean that you don’t have challenges, it means you face them with presence, beingness; opening your vision up through the guidance of the heart.

 I found this little story charming yet relevant. Enjoy!

`Where God Lives’  


Brought to us by Robin & Michael Mastro


God was becoming disturbed in heaven listening to the prayers of man, so he decided to come to earth and talk to a very wise and venerable monk who lived in a cave deep in the Himalayas. He found the monk walking up the hillside to his cave after bathing in the sacred Ganges. God approached the monk who recognized Him immediately.

“Good day, dear Master.” Said the monk as he bowed to the blinding light he saw in front of him. “What a surprise and great honor to see you here! Is it my time now for you to take me to heaven?”

“No, no, no!” God replied to the venerable monk. “I am here to ask for your advice, for I know you to be a wise and thoughtful sage who has removed himself from the world, yet one who has seen how the minds of men work. I need your council on a very pressing matter.”

The monk was surprised. “Whatever council I can give you Master is yours for the taking. Please let me know how I can help.” And the monk waited for God’s request.

“The mind’s of men are filled with requests for small and petty things.” God began. “They ask me to heal their broken toes, fix their unhappy relationships, and make them wealthy. Each one of them has been made in my image, yet they do not believe in the power that I have given them. I am tired of being pestered and I want to be left alone, but where will I hide?”

And the monk replied, without hesitation, “Hide in the hearts of mankind. They will never look there.”

God smiled. He knew this was a good hiding place since man rarely looked within.’

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