Why Think at all? Echoes of the mind

Why Think at all? Echoes of the mind

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Where thinking and mind dissolve.

Who bothers about thinking when you can love.

Can we live with mind alone without the heart?

Mind is conventional education which has led has down the marked road of rational thinking where every question has an answer. Everything can be explained by the rational mind where answers are not only rooted in education but also in our societal conditioning. Conditioning that is passed on by parents or careers in their bid to mould good citizens. Except that a good citizen is one that almost has to incapacitate the heart in order to live up to societal demands. Demands engraved in rational mind that makes war possible and love impossible. So why think at all if war is the result? What has the heart got to do with matters of the mind?

The thinking mind is a map not the territory

An explorer’s survival depends on a lot of preparation but that is all irrelevant without a map. Armed with a map, the journey is made that much easier. But what if the map was mistaken for the territory? Can the scale on the map really be the territory? This is exactly what happens when we use rationality to navigate territories of the heart. Thinking in itself isn’t the problem just like the map isn’t at fault if mistaken for the territory. The utility of rational mind only stops to the point of the map. As a result of using the mind as the territory itself, we are plagued by a constant chattering that doesn’t give us any peace. To make matters worse, most of the celebrated people in our society are thinkers. They may not have been thinkers only but as a society we have decided to only celebrate their thinking contribution. For example Einstein is reported to have said that to solve a problem, one has to start with a question. He also played the violin which uses the right brain as opposed to the left brain for mathematical equations. Why do we then celebrate his contribution in physics without acknowledging the origin of his inspiration? Why can’t we accept the whole man?

  Where heart meets mind

What would happen to society if man lived in both his heart and mind? Could this create the Utopia of new age thinking? No one knows but a navigation of the territory itself is needed. The heart is a wilderness that has not been explored by many. The fear created by our conditioned minds denies us any opportunities. Because unlike the mind, the heart is neutral; it knows no duality. The mind was meant to be a utility of the heart not the other way round. It is this duality that causes the perceptive flaws of opposites hence the misery that originates in comparatives. With everything seen as one from the perspective of the heart, the mind becomes a servant to oneness instead of division.

We can conclude by answering the question of why we think at all. If thinking is used as a servant, it is very productive but as a master it is very destructive. Because we have been schooled out of the heart, the mind has become our master. So why think at all if self destruction is the outcome? Why not learn to commune with the heart that knows no divisions? Meditation is a way to the heart and so is poetry. We invite you to explore this territory using poetry.

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