Living a Spirituality of the Heart

Living a Spirituality of the Heart

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A doze of a spirituality of theheart

Join the mad Sufi dance in a spirituality of heart!

A glimpse of the path of love

Sufis have long been the deliverers of a spirituality of the heart. With their traditional teachings rooted in love, they have invited the rest of us to join them on this blissful discovery of ourselves. But many have resisted a spirituality of the heart for reasons hidden in conditioning about love. Love has been condemned in so many different ways that the way we live and relate has had to change too. And yet the path of love is one we all have to encounter if we are on a search for self realisation.

What is a spirituality of the heart?

It is a conscious shift from thinking to being. With mind at the forefront of our daily decision making, a discussion of a spirituality of the heart is farther than we may believe. With education and the rest of the conditioning supporting everything rooted in mind, we think even about the unthinkable. We have learnt to accept a lukewarm type of love that guarantees our safety but not our growth. In a spirituality of the heart, one is left open and vulnerable. It is in this vulnerability that the universal doors open.
Why choose a spirituality of the heart?

The heart is non dual, there is no good or bad where it is concerned. Everything is just is in a state of being. It shifts what we have learnt to identify with in duality to a neutral perspective. This inevitably comes with a state of chaos at first as we try to hold on to old identities. This is why a spirituality of the heart is deemed dangerous. But we know that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and that we have gripped on to apparent safety for too long. So isn’t it time to take the plunge and explore the heart?

We question everything, don’t we? Have we ever questioned where our ideas about the world came from? Sadly, they are all borrowed from our conditioning. Isn’t it time we explored a spirituality of the heart and gained new perspectives about life? Join the Sufi path of love.

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