The Pheasant in the Peacock (Poetry)

The Pheasant in the Peacock (Poetry)

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Is it a peacock or a pheasant?

Can a peacock become a pheasant?

A peacock can never be a pheasant!

You ruffled my feathers when I touched your sword

Unearthing my colours from a hidden  trove

When a peacock thought itself a pheasant

Its destiny was sealed on man’s dinner plate

For centuries I flew to distant lands

Denying the hunter his status as king

In my ignorance he bred his imagery power

Building larger and larger cages to restrain my resolve

Tired of running for I couldn’t fly

You turned up in time with a grin on your face

“Fancy a little adventure?” You lured me out

This time I was sure to break a leg

In your silent alchemy I found a toxic mix

A true warrior you are, you never gave anything away

The stakes were high but I never really cared

For the pheasant in the peacock was beginning to die

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