Is there a relationship between Poetry and Spirituality?

Is there a relationship between Poetry and Spirituality?

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What is life without poetry?

Can Poetry be the very expression of spirituality?

As we go deeper into the pages of history, there is not a single civilization without thriving art. Starting from writings on the walls of caves to the most sophisticated pieces of writing, poetry has been an important part of art and culture since the inception of the concept of writing. It has helped weave words into beautiful lines with deep meanings. But what has spirituality got to do with it?

The essence of poetry has always been found in nature with spirituality as a guiding partner through the unknown. Poems have been written not only as an expression of the unknown but also as a memory to that which has been experienced. They have the power to convey the unfathomable and the grace to glide the reader into the experience. While a psychologist might seem disinterested in poems and words of love, the power of poetry will turn intrigue into curiosity. It is this curiosity that works as a lure to poetry.

Poetry uses elements of irony and satire that have helped reform societies and bring to limelight the ills in those times. Spirituality on the other hand, is something from within that touches us all at one point in our lives. The question that arises here is what bridges poetry and spirituality? The answer can be found in numerous places but Rumi as the most read spiritual poet has the flashing light with some answers before us. Using poetry in a spiritual dance, his work is an invitation for any heart ready for the experience of love.
What is Spirituality?

It is a broad term that incorporates a number of meanings. In simple words it means being able to connect yourself with your higher being. It is the search for one’s existence. It is the expedition to explore the meaning of life. It has been talked about in plays, poems and novels. But through the centuries, poetry has been the most effective way to explore spirituality. Rumi was a Sufi poet whose work has awakened many to this exploration.

Why Rumi’s poetry stands out?

Rumi’s poetry is the exemplification of despair that keeps a man restless until he has found the meaning of his life. He has penned down phrases that touch the heart of any hungry soul. His poetry helps blend both love and spirituality. According to Rumi, a soul without the experience of love is like a dry river bed. The bond between spirituality and love is inseparable; one can’t exist without the other. Love is life itself and spirituality is the path to love. As a path, spirituality has been interpreted by different people according to their conditioning. Rumi has become the best-selling poet mainly due to the boundless nature of his work. Hence the reason why Rumi himself is known as `The Bridge’.

Rumi’s work has become a bridge between spirituality and poetry not only because of its simplicity but also due its authentic nature. His poems have a universal touch which helps everyone connect to the poetry of life and feel as if the phrases define their situation. Those with enough thirst and desire for life will find hidden treasures of love at the heart of Rumi’s poems. For the searching mind, his poems are divided into various categories which include quatrains, odes and divans etc but for the searching heart, those divisions are nonexistent. His timeless poetry is an invitation to love, compassion, bliss and the joys of meditation.


The marriage between spirituality and poetry is centuries old with love being the soul of poetry. Thus spirituality and love are inseparable concepts and they can be best woven into expression by use of poetry. Love is like a candle waiting to be lit and spirituality is the path through which a match can be found to light that candle. It is therefore important to experience love in order to comprehend poetry and to enjoy its beauty. So join us at to explore more ways of expression.

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