Seasoned in Life and Death (Original Poem)

Seasoned in Life and Death (Original Poem)

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Written by @linzo

Image credit: Pixabay


Arise, life in flawless beauty

In spring blossoms awakening new life

To dance the tunes of nature’s way

In seasons set to four dials a year


Colours so bright, in summer’s passage

Heightened senses, across live meadows

Laughter so loud to catch the sun

Ice cream encapsulating, the seasonal heat


Winding down in autumn’s name

Falling leaves, life lived abundantly

Accepted fate, to keep natural wheel turning

Crunching in gratitude, embracing wholeness


A death in chills, in winter’s winds

Skeleton trees as life retreats

Lights so bright, to calm the darkness

As the circle of life is complete

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