A Dedication to Love – ( Original poem)

A Dedication to Love – ( Original poem)

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Written by  @linzo

Dedication to Love


Your love is majestic as a mountain

A scintillating wave like a milky way

My whole essence melts when you touch me


Nothing moves me like you do

You stole my heart from where I had hidden it

You wrap yourself around my waist in beautiful beads


I have never known love this deep

Mine is a never ending experience of discovery

An enchantment beyond time and space


You are flawless like a baby’s smile

Perfect like a rain crystal

Tender like an embrace


I am so grateful you are here

Ours is a never ending dance

A leap for infinite possibilities


My life will never be the same

For I touched the ever blossoming flower of love

The source of it all


Thank you!

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