Souled Up (Original Poem)

Souled Up (Original Poem)

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A long Lost Love

By @linzo


I hid from love for over a decade

Hoping the illusion never to touch me again

I still remembered the scars from last time

I prayed to God that I would pledge my life

To all his work, if only my heart would be spared


Little did I know that mirrors are inverted

I pushed you away, bringing you closer

We were both unknowingly seeking

Longing across the oceans, deserts

Yet we had sealed a soul contract

One that couldn’t be broken


You signed out in style, transitioning home

Then checked in my heart, letting me know

We can finally experience each other’s love

I bled the wound of loss and grief

Body and mind shattered in despair

Wisdom of the heart, carrying me through


Illusion discerned in tear drops

That reality is a persistent illusion

All that exists are energy vibrations

Wisdom intact, I have always known your love

Body only, an instrument of experience

A clear vision that we were always in a Union

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