The Subconscious Mind Downloads Unveiled

The Subconscious Mind Downloads Unveiled

Subconscious mind work

Do the work on your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is teaming with various downloads from either your environments or childhoods. You are literally on autopilot. You view, behave and react to challenges powerlessly leading you to daily possibilities of anger, depression, fear, hate and worry. Because you operate from the conscious mind, you hardly know what is going on below the conscious mind. There is no awareness of what is there. In order to know what is going on in that part of your mind, Watch your life yourself. Whatever programming is in the subconscious mind, it is evident in your daily life. For example, do you flip at people for small mistakes (not to imply you should a push over)? Then anger is one of those downloads in your subconscious mind!

Can you change the downloads in the subconscious mind?

You bet you can! Stay with me here, patience is one of the virtues that is required. Remember it took years to download all that garbage and depending on the depth and your resolve, it can take months or days to undo the programmes. Nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible without you allowing it to be impossible. I am talking from experience here. A year ago I was the most unconscious person you could have ever met. Coming from a Christian back ground, that subconscious mind “junk” did not appeal to me. After all if it was indeed existent, God would sort it.  It was not my problem! Or was it?  To cut the long story short I was introduced to holosync meditation through a trial, I was sold by the blissful feeling and hence ended up buying their CDs that totally opened this world of bliss, the universe and more. To this day my subconscious mind has a lot of transformation as I have and still continue to discover who I AM. There are no judgements except the ones you enforce on yourself. JUST LOVE (Christ like love).

How does your thinking compound the problem?

After discovering a few changes to my thinking and life through changing the subconscious mind beliefs, I was all out for more. Oh yes, if you read my article (Digging the garbage out of the subconscious mind) you will read about some of the methods I have used. Right now my biggest benefit has been joy and happiness. Last year I had a burning sensation  in my chest; it was hate, anger and intense fear. I asked for wisdom and understanding, I was lead to the ways that I went full out in trying what they required. I now feel happy and when what used to trigger the negative feeling comes, I know how to let go immediately using the ‘Meditations of a Watcher’ technique. It is great for releasing the subconscious mind blocks as they surface.

My advice is, if you are tired of doing or having the experiences you have currently, you will be willing to try anything (though pills and therapy were definitely not for me). I recommend a read of ‘the Biology of Belief’ by DR. Bruce Lipton. You will be astounded to know that even your cellular depicts your current state. It is heavy on scientic jargon but stay with it , It is worth the effort. You get all good reasons to dig up the garbage in the subconscious mind .If you are interested in this journey and need some tools along the way, download a free ebook here that will explain the process.

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