The Inevitable Imbalance of Positive Thinking

The Inevitable Imbalance of Positive Thinking

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Positive thinking may be a fad

Is positive thinking bound to fail?


Why Positive Thinking never works

Have you ever been in the “damps” just to be told to take a pill of positive thinking and all will be fine? Like all self-development trends, positive thinking works within a crowd but not on an individual basis. You can force that smile in a social situation but you cannot deceive yourself. Deep down you feel and those feelings demand a form of expression. That expression might be found in simple ways such as a chat with someone who cares or in more involved medical ways. In forcing yourself to fit in the crowd against what you feel, you are repressing what might accumulate more toxicity in your system.

Ways in which positive thinking can be harmful

Due to the dual nature of our existence, we are always swinging from left to right. This means a constant operation of opposites and hence the very manifestation of the misery.  In this continuous swing of the pendulum, there is always a gathering force to swing the opposite way. This means that while you are gathering energy in positive thinking, the pendulum is getting ready to swing the opposite way. Hence the constant peaks of misery and happiness. The only way this can be avoided is to find a neutral solution.

While the law of attraction has been helpful in creating awareness of the energy workings of the mind, much has been misunderstood. If misery is bred by the mind, how can it be the solution? Because positive thinking uses the mechanism of the mind, it creates a revolving cycle of self-improvement. To jump off the wheel, a deeper exploration of yourself is required. The best solutions can be found in exploring the inner sciences that evolve consciousness not the temporal mind.

What is the Solution?

Positive thinking cannot be part of the exploration because the aim of consciousness is to achieve a neutral perception to life. It is in this neutrality that a healthy balance can be achieved. Without negating positive thinking, its flaws are found in its opposite and therefore not a balanced perception to life. Also due to the constant flux of life, you cannot put a foothold in the fast-moving stream of water. By emphasising one way of living in positive thinking, you have chosen to live against life. How can you flow with life if you have already decided where you want to be? Life is balance; the “middle way “.

To have a taste of the “middle way”, you have to be willing to transcend the immaturity of following every self-improvement trend that comes your way. This does not mean that you cannot try different methods of self-improvement. It simply means that the more you jump on every band wagon that passes by your road side. The longer it will take for you to evolve. Evolution is the whole point of our existence, hence the constant craving of growth through methods such as positive thinking. But if you are serious about your evolution, you will start to explore techniques such as meditation which are targeted to individual development. Once you are ready to step out of the crowd, you are ready to drop all the toys for the real thing. And sadly, positive thinking isn’t one of them!


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