Can we all Achieve Higher Consciousness?

Can we all Achieve Higher Consciousness?

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Is higher consciousness necessary?

Why higher consciousness?

Higher conscious is a goal we should all aim for as it is a stage of development that liberates us. It liberates us as we become acutely aware of how our behaviors affect others, we become full of compassion and wisdom plus much more. They are stages to get there that I am still researching but doing a little of something away from self will edge you there. In today’s society, concentration on self is very eminent in everything we do. We are setting goals to serve ourselves but not others which takes away communities, harmony and growth. The way to higher conscious is involvement with other people who will challenge you to grow.

So what ways can we achieve higher consciousness?

Emulate people who have been there:

This is crucial in all aspects, for example if you wanted to become wealthy you would emulate someone like Rupert Murdoch. You would research all his history and find out what made him stand out from the rest in the wealth game. Likewise for consciousness you would emulate his holiness the Dalai Lama who is full of grace and compassion: he unites people and no matter what happens he is pretty much centered. Like Jesus Christ they preach love and understanding and bring humility to the masses. Of course it is a challenge to emulate higher consciousness to that level but we can start by reading about their lives. What makes people like Nelson Mandela special? They are willing to die for the truth! Let us develop our consciousness by learning from those who have done it before.

Practice what you learn:

This is the most challenging as it requires action upon knowledge. To achieve higher consciousness you have to start with baby steps; do not do anything you have not acquired the confidence to do as that may put you more behind. Instead join an action group that will help you through your journey. Like wealth you would not go and invest in a hotel when you have not managed a smaller investment like a house. Be open to learn as you grow even if that may mean willingness to be wrong about anything you ever knew. I am at this action stage and I have learnt to say to say to challenges, how do I need you? Believe it or not the challenges/problems in our lives tell us that there is a lesson not learnt or test of trust and faith. Do not despair because there is always progress even if you do not see it. After all is the goal of higher consciousness worth it all?

Find some quiet time every day:

This is vital to any development especially higher consciousness: I used to say I did not have enough time in the day to do what I have learnt to do.  But I was wrong, once I had the intention the time appeared. I am a working mum of three but that does not deter me from reading, writing and practicing what I learn. It can be challenging to start but stick with it; my first quiet time was using meditation sound tracks. After two weeks of using holosync I felt different but was not quite sure what happened so I read the support letters.

I began to research on the subject and everywhere I went the universe/ God was mentioned. I heard that the bible and the Koran were the cheapest and best self help books. Today having bought a lot of packages and attended seminars on development; I have learnt all that is taught, rewritten and remodeled is in at least the bible. I intend to read the Koran and I write my finding. Spend some quiet time alone, either meditating or focusing on gratitude and let me know the results. I look forward to that time in the day that I am definitely going for a retreat this year. You will become conscious slowly and your days will become more rewarding.

Higher consciousness is not easy to get to without guidance and direction. I am working on a discussion board on my website where we will provide the best books ever written in the public domain. This way we can all give our views on a chapter a week making it a powerful community of accelerated growth.

From my life’s experiences I write and enjoy the subject of how the mind works. It is our self limitations that hold us where we would rather not be. Find out more here

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