Conscious Eradication of subconscious pain

Conscious Eradication of subconscious pain

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reprogramming the subconscious mind.

Meditation and reprogramming the subconscious mind.

The word subconscious means you do not know what happens there. You can find it below the conscious mind and it is associated with activity below the level of your current awareness hence the word subconscious pain. But you can now determine what is in your subconscious mind by looking at how your life evolves. Yes, whatever you see or experience around you has been created by you either unknowingly by this part of the mind or knowingly by the conscious mind. It is said that the conscious mind is constantly taking commands from the other part of the mind. Therefore, most of what you experience in life is influenced beyond your awareness and therefore not easily changeable hence the term subconscious pain.

Can we get a grip on the subconscious pain?

Since it is subconscious pain, you need different ways and technology to reach that part of your mind. Repetition is one of the best ways to change this part of your mind. For example, last year I started a weekly 3.5 mile walk from work every Wednesday. It was out of interest at the time because the weather was so good. Forward now to winter, I still find myself doing the walk despite weather conditions, fatigue or schedules. My mind has clicked with this one and I just do it, so if you want to change something in your life, introduce a new habit that you enjoy doing on a regular basis to take away some of the subconscious pain.

Can brain lateralisation technology help to heal subconscious pain?

The other way you can change the programmes that cause the subconscious pain, is by using brain lateralization technology. Yes, you see when the right brain and the left brain are not aligned you are in trouble. You take on all sorts unhelpful coping methods like drinking, drugs, sex addiction… to either escape, suppress or express the unresolved emotions within you. When you listen to this technology for example binary, holosync or theta healing meditation, you align the two sides of your brain slowly eradicating the subconscious pain.

How to start to eradicate subconscious pain

Good news! You do not have to spend money on this technology! I heard this tip form Dr. Bruce Lipton that just by crossing your arms and legs at the knee at the same time (giving yourself a huge hug), you are aligning the two parts of the brain. Try it, it feels weird at first and then suddenly you begin to experience sense of calm. From that place start suggesting to your brain what you want it to input. For example, I am calm, peaceful, loving and so on… to get rid of the subconscious pain that way! He also suggested exercise as a great way to get to this part of the mind. I know exercise has a reputation of being hard but it doesn’t have to be that way. Go for something that interests you, if you do not like the treadmill then go for yoga or dance or even gardening. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it because that communicates to the mind and the subconscious pain will be eradicated easily.

Subconscious pain drives your life, you live it in all the daily decisions you take. You judge others because you are in pain. You loose opportunities due to fear hiding in this part of the brain. Whatever way it is dressed, it is painful. You have a free book here that help you accelerate your journey in getting rid of this subconscious pain.

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