The Art of Minding Your Own Business

The Art of Minding Your Own Business

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Mind your own business!

Your Bliss is in Minding your own business!

Do you know what it means to mind your own business?

If someone told you to mind your own business would you be upset? Like many people I didn’t know what this meant in a broader sense. To mind your own business it to turn attention to yourself. But because we are habituated fixers of everybody else except ourselves, we don’t even know what our own business looks like.

Why you should mind your own business

Because we are looking at everyone and everything except ourselves, our self ignorance is evident in the way we escape life. When you mind your own business, you get to know yourself from inside out. Knowing others without knowing yourself is a miserable way of living. Self knowledge affords one the luxury of a blissful life. With happiness a natural shadow of self knowledge, one does not have to buy into any concepts to be happy. After all happiness is our basic nature!

How to learn to mind your own business

The basic start would be innocence but because we are schooled out of that as children, we have to use other devices. With an understanding of “You” at the centre of these devices, you can start to easily mind your own business. I normally recommend meditation because of its nature. It not only centres one to go within to find the missing pieces within themselves but also puts the responsibility back to you. Because without responsibility, one cannot mind their own business. It is because of lack of responsibility that we are looking outside ourselves. Like beggars, we live ourselves in celebrities, constant search for wealth, dead-end relationships…. but never ever looking to ourselves.

So why not start today to look to yourself? Taking personal responsibility is the beginning of minding your own business. You may have got to this point through conditioning, but it is time you dropped that mask and learn to mind your own business.

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