Taste your own nectar

Taste your own nectar

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We are born with our own nectar!

Sweet, Sweet nectar – taste me or loose me!

The sweetness of your nectar awaits on your toungue!

Have you ever been the dance to your own tune?
The fragrance to your own scent?
The aroma to own food?

In an open invitation to the bees
The flower knows the sweetness of its nectar
Its out pouring of grace is boundless

With extravagance it dances in its blossoms
Needing no reason to celebrate
Yet the blossoms keep coming each spring

Laughing in the gentle caress of the wind
Soaking up the rain in a grateful quench
Taking the sun’s rays with the innocence of a child

If a flower has that much grace, what then do you say of yourself?
Will you allow yourself to rise in the mystery of your dew drops?
Will you accept the invitation to taste your own nectar?

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