Flagged in Humility

 Flagged in Humility

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Carrying symbolic amplitude in serenity

You blow with the majestic wind

Your wave so authentic in its direction

Beauty bound by the folding fabric

To allow the wind its grace and power


Yet taking away nothing from your own

Rooted, you stand firm, pole affirming

Your anchor to the ground

Stability intact in grounding

As mother earth takes you as her own


Dressed on a rigid metal pole

Illusion of power unveiled as

Wind teasingly bends pole to its will

Shattering the ego and its vision

Waking it up to the truth


Wind touching you so tenderly, like soft silk

Bending you from time to time

Feeling your flaws with a feathery touch

Kissing your limitations with a matrimonial vow

To love yourself, flowing in your flaws


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