Cyber Monday/ Black Friday Mind set- Are we being harvested?

Cyber Monday/ Black Friday Mind set- Are we being harvested?

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Ever been on a farm and watched as the harvester bull dozed around on its duties? The machine is indiscriminate despite some crops being un-ready. Just because they are all planted at the same time doesn’t mean that they are ready.

Regardless, the machine doesn’t know or care! What am I getting at?

Looking at the uniformity of the crop harvest, we have become exactly that. At a push of a button someone can tell us what we need and when we are ready to have it.

Like a herd of cattle, we are all herded in human pens called shops/websites. Looking for what we have not, at times affordability beyond us; then we start to feel less.

But what starts this mind-set?

We have become sheep following uniformly in not only what we do but how we think. A very scary thought as the human mind should be unique in itself.

 In being uniform, we are following orders- no more Will/choice!

From my point of view, I feel the mind-set starts when we give up our values. Because when you give up your own, you have to replace them with something.

For example, Instead of Christmas being about families and communities coming together, it has become about Corporations harvesting us for profits.

But we have allowed it to the extent that some people not only in UK but elsewhere in the world live for Christmas. Not in the generic original idea of Christmas ( what the day was intended for ) but in the explosion of spending.

I know it is difficult not to follow the sheep especially when you have children. I have always told my children to bake or craft presents for their friends and family. That way, they don’t feel left out but also the presents carry some meaning.

I usually look at Christmas as an opportunity to rest and appreciate what we have in friends, family and community. At least that is how it used to be when I was growing up. A chance to meet together over a big lunch just for gratitude’s sake. I was brought up with this value and I try to pass it on to my children even if we live in different times.

Coming together in the spirit of gratitude

I reckon this is the only way we can stop being harvested, simply going back to what is important. Bringing back our individual value systems.

Just think about it for a moment, how many people make a list just for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or January sales? Don’t you realise that the shops always have `sales’ on throughout the year anywhere. And that they are not really sales! It is simply a mind game which retailers have become good at it. Often employing Psychologists to find ways of how they can engage our subconscious minds. Making you believe that you need that new sofa!

One of my first jobs was working in one of the biggest department stores selling store cards. We had to use trigger words to get the customers to sign up to these cards. Looking back at the interest on those cards, I am very sorry. Some of the customers that were signed were elderly, clearly not understanding the new generation mind-set of phishing for fools.

But we should all know better after the economic crash that the bait is never far. Dressing it up in `sales’, credit cards or loans doesn’t make it less. We all have values from our roots, let us harness them!

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