Influences that may be standing in your way of Wealth Achievement

Influences that may be standing in your way of Wealth Achievement

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Wealth is just an idea and principles followed by the wealthy are different from the day to day persons. W e have pre-conceived ideas in this matter from influences in childhood, environment and past lives. What we do not understand, is that we have the power of will to do what we like or choose our lives to be or look like. It is just a choice! Unfortunately, we have allowed other people or organisations to take these choices for us at a big expense. That is lack of wealth.

What are the influences to luck of wealth?

Verbal programming: This is very juicy for most of us; if you were brought up by a parent that emphasized that money does not grow on trees. Wealth will not be an idea conceived easily by you. Parents are daily pounding kids with such debilitating phrases; for example how many people were told that the rich are greedy, filthy rich, you have to work hard for money, and we can not afford it and more. Ok, I am a parent and I am particularly guilty of “we can not afford it” phrase, when put on the spot in the super market. But I am getting more aware of my responses than before.  Children are being conditioned to think that living below your wealth goals is ok.

Modelling as an influence; Oh boy! What were your parents like in money management? Were they spenders or savers? Did they invest or own businesses? Did money come easily in your household or was it a struggle? Did it cause arguments or bring joy? Like anything else, we will model our parents in wealth or the luck of it. Sometimes if the situation you were brought up in was hard; it can stew enough anger to spur you to greater wealth. The question is, will you take the opportunities when they are presented to you?

An idea

Particular incidents; Wealth is just an idea. A sad story for is that when I was little, my day was a millionaire in Africa. At the time the country was under a dictatorship and everyone who was rich was under pressure. That was in the seventies when the Indian business owners and others were expelled in greater numbers from Uganda. My dad helped his friends out of the country but he never made it. To this day he does not have a grave. Now that incident downloaded into my subconscious mind; I kept thinking that had he not been rich, he may just have been ok. That is the association I had with wealth. It has taken a lot of work for me to start looking at money, wealth and riches differently.

It is not your fault if you have tried everything you can to gain wealth in vain. You just have to work on the programmes that are presenting the blocks. Open up your soul and be ready to face the pain of what it may be that is standing in your way. Free meditation, an audio of the Science of getting Rich and a library of self help books are available at

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