5 Ways to Know you are on the Path to Self

5 Ways to Know you are on the Path to Self

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The path to self leads to a settled being ness


Creating a New Path to self

There are many gurus and teachers teaching the path to self. But how can they teach the self without knowing who they are? In this article, you will discover that only you have the responsibility to self and that no guru or teacher can know your path.

  1. Isolation

Once you are on the path to self, you will notice that you are slowly isolated. The friends and family that you thought you had are now a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit. The truth is, that pair never fitted it was always forced. And anything we force is not of self but a benefit scheme to make the social constructs you are taught possible. I.e staying in a bad marriage to make bills affordable, that is an example of a mutual benefit scheme.

  1. Quality of silence

You have been meditating for a while up to this point. The closer you get to the path to self the higher the quality of your silence. It is like falling in a silent stream that caressing you to bliss. Over time, you can hold this state longer and longer until one day you become it.

  1. You are in the world but not of it

It is not that you don’t care about what is happening in the world, it is that you are balanced enough to see it for what it is. You are consciously aware of the gun crime, starvation, war etc. but your compassion reaches beyond it that, you can become the problem, transmute it within the self and still maintain your bliss.

  1. Love and compassion

While you are on the path to self, you will discover that love isn’t what you have been made to believe. Almost love and compassion go hand in hand, you don’t love somebody; you are that person. It’s like loving yourself, that person, place or thing you intend to love dissolves into your love. And hence compassion comes here as a shadow to love. Because if one dissolves into you then you are compassionate, to their circumstance or situation.

  1. Realisation/vision

This is very important as it is the core to the path to self. Here it is out of the quality of your silence that you become aware of the new space or idea. You start to see with your internal eye hence realise a new man out of the self. It is this visualisation that is termed as the third eye. Your visions come from within you, not outside you hence the possibility of self-realisation or enlightenment.

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