7 Ways Spiritual Responsibility Will Cost you

7 Ways Spiritual Responsibility Will Cost you

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Spiritual responsibility is about balance.


How to Manage the Lows Of Spiritual responsibility


We are in an era of change and that brings its difficulties with it. Contrary to popular believes that once spiritual every place, people or things that is not in your favour goes away; the reverse can be true. To get in a higher space (expansion), your spirit has to go through transformation. It is this transformation which is birth and death that causes you to go in a up and down cycles hence causing frustration. To have spiritual responsibility is to accept these cycles through which growth happens.


  1. The first way spiritual responsibility may cost you is you have to come down to everyone’s level to connect. Once you are spiritual, you begin to grow and expand leaving your old family and friends behind. But if you feel the need to connect to these old relationships, you will feel the downward curve as you are in a different space.


  1. You may feel that you are judged to have alternative motives once you try to connect to people, places or things from your past. This is very common as your spirit has expanded beyond the people from your past. In this case, you have to

remember that your spiritual responsibility is to you and you alone.


  1. You watch others prosper in the material world through means unacceptable to you. Once you are spiritual, you start to view the world in a different lens. The means through which you would have done somethings changes as you grow/expand. In a way, your spiritual responsibility becomes a law maker that will not allow you to cross certain boundaries.

Spirituality isn’t loneliness

  1. You can become lonely due to being spiritual. This is because in order to grow, you had to detach from a lot of people, places and things. As a result, it is almost a betrayal of self to try to reattach to the old energies you detached from in the first place.


  1. Can’t enjoy yourself fully due to spiritual responsibility. If you previously enjoyed yourself via drinking spaces, going out with friends, these means become outdated and once you step in these spaces you are a different person hence feel the restriction energy if you are trying to enjoy yourself.


  1. You start to experience spiritual poverty where you can’t at first connect to fellow spiritual people. Usually when you are new in the space, you give off uncertain energy so other spirits, even in the space may not connect. This is due to feeling their way into the unchartered waters and hence learning spiritual responsibility by going through the resistance energy.


  1. You Cn not run from Your spiritual path. Everything is new which scares the newly spiritual. If you go through unfamiliar energy that is your north node. This is usually scary so you run to the familiar south node energy (where you are comfortable with energies from previous life). It is this running from the north node (what you are here to achieve in this life) that will cost you. You are not taking spiritual responsibility by running from unfamiliar energies. Therefore, you must take the journey into self-exploration no matter the cost.

In conclusion. No one has it all figured out, spiritual responsibility has to be taken at a percentage level where you are not compromising your spirit but at the same time you are still leaving out your existence with reasonable joy.






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