Creativity Is Your Saviour

Creativity Is Your Saviour

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Creativity is the saviour

Please take a look at this new edition of poetry.

Art is the Soul of Your Environment

Creativity has the power to save you, it is a form of light. And light is information, that which you go to school to attain – illumination. But though it is done on the outside via the principle of attaining knowledge, it is a reflection of what should be the internal – enlightenment. Your ability to create leads to enlightenment which is your saviour. This explains why the whole art industry is very lucrative – it is the soul. And we have seen the extent countries and big organisations have gone to get their hands on the art.

Stolen art

90% of African artefacts are in Western museums. This means that the soul was ripped out of Africa in order to build the West. Since art such as poetry, literature, music, sculpture etc. is the very soul of the environment, Africa hasn’t had a soul for at least the last 2000 years. Hence the invention of religion to invent a saviour in the place of the stolen soul. But now you know that Creativity is your saviour, knuckle down and create. Stolen artefacts can still be claimed but what is imperative is for everyone to begin to create a new soul.

Why is creativity your saviour

As explained earlier, creativity is a form of light. And light is a form of information. When you die, you are pulled to the light or darkness depending on who influenced you during your life. Your mind is your vehicle you travel with out of the body at death. It is this mind vehicle that gathers influences from media such as TV, Radio, NEWS etc. to build your vehicle/mind. Hence the mind vehicle is also referred to as a boat, a Noah’s ark. You use your influence to build your boat/ark/vehicle of information/light that carries you out of the body at the time of death.

Should you happen to have not created any art, you follow the influence of that which built your ark. Often it will be religion such as the Jesus programme that you will follow at death if you didn’t create. This will automatically bring you back to the same circumstances and situation – reincarnation. There is no growth in repeating the same cycle for 2000 years, that is why earth is dying.

The inspiration for this article came from my new poetry “Creativity is Your Saviour”. If you want to extend your knowledge on creativity, take a look here.

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