How to Clear your Space for Manifesting in the Spirit Realm

How to Clear your Space for Manifesting in the Spirit Realm

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Manifesting in spirit realm

Clear your space and manifest next.

Why not Manifesting isn’t a Sign you aren’t in the Spirit realm

Life is a contradiction and it is these contradictions that make you grow. You have heard of the gurus who teach you not only the law of attraction but also other methods to manifest. This is backwards, in order to manifest anything in the physical, we must first come from the spirit realm.


This is the phenomenon of clutter, we gather so much in the physical realm while in the spirit realm we are poor. What is taught throughout your life is to live backwards. As the religious saying goes, “Seek first the kingdom of heaven” meaning that take care of your spirit first and the flesh will follow. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Therefore, let the spirit lead you in this maze called the human experience.


Secondly, manifesting comes from our thoughts and feelings. “Thoughts are things” you have heard that saying in the halls of the “Law of attraction” teachings. What you think and feel is what you manifest, therefore your efforts should be concentrated on changing your thoughts and feelings or clearing what doesn’t serve you. This happens in the spirit realm as the first point of creation.

The way you clear or change your thoughts and feelings is through a process of observation. What Osho termed, “Witnessing”, a form of meditation where you observe your thoughts, feelings and deeds. This creates the observer to start cutting off frequencies that don’t serve them. This is what is termed as wave theory in the scientific community and I have written about it in here.

The Art of Observation

Observation/witnessing/watching is a form of meditation that helps you not only clear your space of unwanted thoughts and feelings but also elevates you in the spiritual realm. This way, manifesting becomes secondary as you are in a state of now all the time. Concentrating only on what is in a particular moment. This then erases worry of not being able to manifest your dreams. With this meditation, you soon start living moment to moment within your dreams which makes manifesting in the physical a latter event.

To conclude, if you are not manifesting in the physical, clear the spiritual realm first. And remember, things, earthly riches are not a sign that you are spiritual. When you are in both the spirit realm and physical realm, what is yours will come to you. You get what you deserve not what you want!


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