How to Find Your Calling

How to Find Your Calling

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find your calling

The winds of change summon you to find your calling


How to Navigate the Mind Maze in the Self-Development Industry


This is the most sold course in the self-development niche yet not one teacher can give you a disclaimer on “How to find your calling”. Because your calling is unique to you. Therefore, finding it is a journey within not without.

With all the strife under my belt, I can say that after many courses and gurus; I find myself still having to consult the self. This is the silence within that waits on the lonely bench to be consulted at every turn yet never gets a phone call. I was always ready to pay out ridiculous fees to gurus yet to find my calling was in the silence within.



Until you hit rock bottom, you never work to find your calling. Distraction in money, status… all part of the grand tapestry of life. However, the physical is tantalising hence a honey trap where you forget that to find your calling is to find a place of comfort and peace.

Why God is used as an escape in the quest to find your calling

Many have gone to pilgrims to walk in the footsteps of not only martyrs but also what is accepted as men and women of God. But the path to God is within not without and to find your calling is to find God. Your calling will bring influence in creativity. Creativity is of creation therefore of God.

The God within is expressed when you are in your element. This element is found deep within you. Though they are many in the path to block your calling, it is your responsibility to realise that it is only you that can exercise your right to find your calling.


If I told you that the path to self can be mapped, I would be lying. That is why the self- development industry is full of placebo effects. You feel good after a seminar, retreat or workshop but the results don’t seem to stick with you. Because it was done from an outside physicality perspective. Using the mind as the lead teacher not the heart. hence the quest to find your calling becomes just an idea.

The mind is the master of trickery; hence the gurus use lighting, language, mood music and other techniques to appeal to the mind not the heart which is the seat of the self. And you know the allegorical story of Medusa (who is a feminine symbol). The serpents in her hair represents her thoughts and ideas turning against her and everyone around her. In other words, the feminine part of the self(which is creativity) in both men and women struggles to manifest if you are working from the mind alone. You can’t find your calling if you are charging your existence in the physical from the mind alone.

Why is the mind the child?

Mind should be the child not the parent but what has happened over the last 1000 years or so. The Mind has led the way and the heart reluctantly followed. This has created numerous problems especially in the way you communicate with others. You’re only interested in the physical dimension. You want things to feel you are, hence the advertising industry appeals to minds too in pulling the body to follow which creates a cycle of misery.

To answer the ‘How” is be more in your heart. Feel your way around the room first then think of a solution. Get the mind (child) to listen to the parent for a change. Only go to teachers/gurus that are heart oriented. They are very few and far in between but if you search you will find. It also helps to trust the self in the middle of a crisis, know that you are here as part of a grand idea and whatever is happening is part of the journey. In order to grow, we always have growth pains, the winter has to be part of the seasonal cycle for the summer to come. With such conviction and determination, you will soon find your calling.

Remember “How to find your calling” is a journey not a destination. The moment you think you have arrived is the moment you die. Creativity is continuous, ideas are birthed every day. Go to the seat of the self and begin your calling by creating your destination – life.

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