Implications of pain medication on your wellbeing

Implications of pain medication on your wellbeing

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pain medication

it is meditation that is needed not medication

Why the whole world is on pain medication?

Have you ever wondered why the pharmaceutical companies keep growing while the death toll keeps rising? They are in the business of pain medication.

Now depending on how much power you have given away, you can get over the circumstance or situation of being medicated or not.

Whether it is the so-called street drugs or prescribed drugs, the difference is the same. It is all drugs termed as prescribed medication in one instance and another illicit drugs. This enforces the idea that the whole world is in pain to need “illegal” drugs on the streets and for so many to be on prescribed pain medication. Whether it is physical or emotional, it is all pain and hence psychological illness are in the category of pain related illnesses.

A closer look at pain

Pain which is the Pan deity (the goat/Capricorn) is ruled by Saturn. Planet Saturn rules your money and status. The confusion is that the Pan goat deity is portrayed as a musician playing a flute. Probably luring unsuspecting victims to its daily pain/pan entrapment. You also know the allegorical stories of a maiden imprisoned to the pan in “Cinderella” trapped in the cinders/fire –hell. Which suggests that the father/Saturn is a pain deity hence why the whole world is on pain medication. This is what Osho spoke of as “Baku crazy” – Baku means father. I have linked his lecture here.

This not only shows us that pain is attached to our status (the way you are perceived in the department of money) as Capricorn deals with business but also how you manage your finances. Which further gives the glimpse that the pharmaceutical companies have worked out the formula of Saturn to keep the pain cycle managed. In otherwise, they are not in the business of healing your pain, they are in the business of managing it on pain medication.

Was Michael Jackson telling us something?

Do you remember the Michael Jackson scandal with pain medication called propofol? Or what he termed as milk? You know the colour of milk is the colour of medication especially in tablet form, so what is really going on? What are you missing that is being replaced by medication? You know medication comes from the same root as the word meditation. In other words, listening to the wisdom of beings such as Osho would liberate many from this entrapment. Osho was cast out and labelled a vigilante for teaching meditation while they issued more medication. Both are in the same business; pulling souls. You just have to choose carefully who you align with in this journey of pain.

If milk is fed to babies for the purpose of growth/expansion, it means the pharmaceutical companies act as milk sales men. Hence the contamination of food and water sources to stimulate this expansion. Another look leads to a conclusion that semen is the colour of milk which implies that Saturn the father needs medication to reproduce hence the pain in child birth. This may not make sense but we live in a being in whose body we are blood cells (check out Astrologer Doelow Da Pilotman for best understanding).. If this being is in pain, we are all in pain hence the medication. As for 2021, this being has to process the pain frequency and overcome it. Therefore, the blood cells within this being, us, must do the same –overcome pain through meditation.


Disclaimer: this article isn’t advising you to get off medication before you have established meditation. It is always advised to seek professional help before you make such decisions.


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