Seek It

Seek It

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Knowledge is power!

At the Search for Knowledge

If knowledge was in the post

For 2000 years,

It has finally arrived,

For children can now spell,

In the manner adults have always done.


Open your ears for the ancients are here,

Calling to anyone who can hear,

To unleash the knowledge fast,

And save ourselves,

From this drowning ship.


Cease the distractions,

For they are many,

In this golden age, all can be free,

Knowledge is the passport to the gold,

Seek it, seek it fervently.


Don’t ask how to get knowledge,

It is in your DNA,

You will start to remember,

You will start to create,

Just seek it and resonance will follow.


No more drowning souls,

It was all due to lack of knowledge,

Even the Bible told you so,

“My people suffer for lack of knowledge”

Seek it now unapologetically.


With your DNA activated

The past is but deactivated

You are turned on to create,

Hence gain immortality

But you have to seek it resolutely.



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