The Value of Creativity Through your Internal Natures.

The Value of Creativity Through your Internal Natures.

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How to centre yourself in your internal natures

Why create via your internal natures

When you create through your internal natures, you are creating via meditation. And this meditation is a state of the heart. It is the heart in its wild vast emptiness that enables the state of NOW. Which is the present moment in a meditative state.

I would like to paint a picture of flowers and tell you that everything is perfect in this state.

Like many gurus have taught that this is a state of no pain. But how can one give birth to the self without the trials of pregnancy and labour pains?


But if the gurus told you the truth, none of their courses or workshops would be filled. Their success depends on telling you what you want to hear. First of all, you don’t want to know about your internal natures or the journey in exploring them through meditation. If you managed to explore meditation they will teach it through the mind not the heart.


For these reasons, it is almost impossible to find plausible teachers who will tell you the truth – that no one goes through a birth without pain. And that this pain is individual depending on how big the baby you are birthing is. Furthermore, it is this individualistic nature to the pain that creates the variety of art that is available on this planet. Art is birthed through exploration of internal natures.

Why art has to be unique

Not one artist, sage or mystic is the same, for their journeys are individual and unique in nature. Everyone of then has to go through a death/transformation to birth the art that we come to see and enjoy. The difference between them and you are that they have had to accept their individuality hence the birth of creativity. Creativity is the baby that comes from accepting your internal natures.


You must remember that though some artists appear to be successful, it is short lived because their creativity wasn’t birthed through the womb. Some have learnt the art of short cuts and use the mind as a womb to manifest short term goals. This creates an aversion to their internal natures and tips them further into depression. They then begin to struggle to be perceived a certain way via the mind, which exacerbates the downward spiral.


So, there is value in creating using your internal natures. Though it is the slowest way to manifest your dreams, there will not be denying you your birth right once you are in the prime of your spring. Remember a woman/womb has to wait nine months to come to a full gestation period before birth. Be patient, work consistently …one day your art, book, music, poetry will be appreciated by those who are in alignment with you.













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