What is love?

What is love?

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What is love without roses?

Haven’t you heard it in the grape vine?

That certain questions don’t have answers?

And what is my feeble mind trailing

In its wake to ask about Love?


Love is all there is and will ever be

It is the unification of the twin souls into the God one

It is the “Star of David” penetrating your merkaba

It is a 4thdimension principle crawling from 1stto 7thdimension


For love to encompass all it is from binary to non-binary

It is the needle and thread that stitches the split

Into the original body one that became the two

It is the mind going quantum with no more split in duality


It is the hunter remembering to become one with the hunt

The banker dancing with the debtor

The teacher seasoned with the children’s grief

And the landlord becoming a tenant


Love is dancing with all polar opposites in tow

Skipping in transformation on Uranus’ back

Looking death in the eyes as you change

Your perception that it is never the end


Love is new beginnings of old and young

Charging in this beautiful earth crystal

Calling forth a new breed of children

That horn in creativity as their individuality


Love is the age old forgotten dance

Of the blossoming lilac, hither

Breaking out in spring hither

To bring forth a new dawn

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