Why the Whole world is a Vision Board?

Why the Whole world is a Vision Board?

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Why your vision board doesn’t work.

Taking a closer look in the real workings of a vision board

Have you ever wondered where the ideas come from on your vision board?

Since the whole world is littered with external stimuli, who is to say what you seek is for you?

The only guarantee that what you seek is for you is to come from a state of silent meditation with no attachment. But in using a vision board, you project your desires, wants and needs into the universe based on wanting… Hence most of the time you will experience the state of wanting with no manifestation.

The idea of being in the space of contentment, as if you have achieved that which the mind projects must be what you strive to attain. It is in this state that the universe manifests what is for you from within rather than without. In using the vision board, you are telling the universe that you know what you want. Forgetting that everyone gets what they deserve not what they want. You can want all you like and still never achieve your dreams.

No work, no manifestation

Put the work into your dreams i.e. distribute CVs to potential employers, go house hunting and speak to estate agents, put up videos on sharing sites with no expectation of views but from the purest state of creation and sharing. Whatever you do, involve the body in the direction of where you want to go. Vision boards encourage the vision/sight without the body. If your spirit wants to go in a certain direction, it chose the body for a reason – take action.

Vision boards can be like praying to God without action. Where then you become a predator on those who are taking action. Most people taking action look poor, it isn’t about riches, it is about being content and persistent in your action. Soon or later your spirit will manifest what you deserve. This way you manifest what you can handle rather than be overwhelmed by big mortgages off your vision board.

And if you look closer the big mortgage was never your idea in the first place. It was projected by societal beliefs of what being rich is. You then downloaded that idea in your mind and put it on the vision board, which then created stress or some kind of overwhelming reaction for you.

Why external stimuli should be viewed as entertainment

So, when you are looking at external stimuli in the media, remember to view/see/vision it as entertainment. Otherwise, the whole celebrity culture is geared in the direction of projecting the spirit of discontentment in constant wanting…. never content with anything, anyone or anywhere. The sooner you get that house, the car or the spouse, the sooner you want another. It is a repetitive cycle of you using a vision board whether from TV screens, magazines, movies or newspapers – all outside stimuli.

What you seek isn’t from you/within, it is from outside you and hence the constant discontentment. Simply sit in silence, just be without wanting or needing and your spirit will bring what you deserve. But remember when I say sit in silence, follow the ritual up with the body – take action. Write an article even when it gets no views, paint regardless of your paintings not selling; that is putting in the work. It is no coincidence that you can paint or write. That is your spirit expressing itself, and for you to put a cap because you have no views is to limit your creative flow. Remember a vision board is from outside (hence the magazine image cuttings) you and goal oriented which is capping your potential.

My experience with a vision board

Having experienced the use of a vision board, I remember cutting out pictures of Michelle Obama. Now I see that as an insult to my spirit. Having chosen the body and circumstance for me to learn but I projected what I was told was perfection and forgot who I was. Because I was already exercising, eating well, reading and writing, I didn’t need to give my power away to another spirit. I also remember a house on the same vision board 10 years ago. The amount of work I did to get the circumstance changed matched the spirit. And hence managed to not only move but also move to a different city which was difficult. 10 years on I am back in the cycle of moving again but now I know to put in the work in both spiritually and physically.


In silent meditation, I want for nothing yet in the body I take action. Seems like a contradiction but remember, you get what you deserve not what you want. So, quit taking your desires in the space of meditation. Just take action and the silence will clear the blockages in the way.


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