Can we Make a Commitment to be who you are?

Can we Make a Commitment to be who you are?

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Who cares who or what we are?

Do you know who you are?

Who are you? You will find that this question may bring up all sorts of emotions as that which makes you who you are, has been determined by society. Sometimes we have become carbon copies of our parents/carers. They have certainly been programming us to be someone else to suite what their definitions of what we should be. That causes a lot of misery and often depressed adults; and because we do not know the route cause of all this, we pass on the programming to new generations. This causes a vicious circle of events and unless someone breaks it then generations will suffer; never knowing who they truly are.

So have you ever asked yourself who you really are?

Until I started this self searching journey I never knew I was a very beautiful being full of love to give that was crying out to expand. Having been brought up in the culture where behaviors ran into generations, I was programmed to think in very unresourceful ways. I was deeply unhappy as my whole life revolved around pleasing others who would never appreciate me. As the laws of the universe state, my thoughts were clearly creating my unfolding reality but I did not know how to think different.

One day an email came into my mail box that mentioned meditation as a centering exercise. At this point I was ready to do any thing it took for me to get to a different level. My life was just not working for me and it was difficult for me to understand how I had created what was unfolding before me. After a few weeks meditating, there was a general feeling of joy. I was happy for no apparent reason and I did not care what others thought of me. The support letters explained what was happening to me and hey I was hooked. I began to be who I was. Liberating!

Now I know that meditation is generally costly so I have put together  free Ebook that explains why meditation is necessary and how you can start your journey into consciousness.
Meditation is one of the best development tools you will ever come across; there different ways of meditating but faster ways that bring results are preferable. To grow our physical bodies, we need food, exercise and for our spiritual growth we need meditation or any other focused practice out there.

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