Selfishness- Can it help you remember who you are?

Selfishness- Can it help you remember who you are?

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Love is the path to who you are.

Love to discover who you are.

Who are you? In the world of the relative, you determine yourself by what you are not. Say for example; if you are not tall you are short. But what if you could go inside and just be regardless of what was going on outside you?

I mean people will always be people; some are beautiful, angry, happy, sad…. You change relatively depending on who you are dealing with at the time. Could you just be you regardless of who or what you are dealing with? Remember, it is not the circumstances; it is how you react to them that determines who you are and who you want to become.

So can you change who you really are?

There is an ingrained need to always strive to become more than what you already are. In the world of media and advertising, you are always reminded that you can become more by using and having the latest gargets, accessories or even surgery.

From mobile phones to fat burning machines- you often get lost in this world thinking that what you need is outside in people or materials other than yourself. But what if I told you that you have all you need and you just have to hold that truth. Who you really are is your joy, love and happiness. Living that which you are helps you put aside that which you have become.

Become self centred in your ways; why? Because as I have discovered, you can never love anyone however much you tried without loving yourself. I used to be in a marriage where I had gotten the idea that by giving my partner what he wanted; I was loving.  Having completely forgotten myself, I lived in worry of improving his expectation.

Birth of resentment

The result was total RESENTMENT. I started to look forward to being away from home and my partner. But who started this whole thing? I did. Who suffered? I did. My only rescue came in the form of meditation where I learnt to silence my thoughts and get to a place where I can just be me. Yes, we can all come to a place where we can claim ourselves back and be who we really are.

There is no denying that it is hard to just be in a very busy media oriented world. Your goal is to claim yourself back from whoever you have become. Remember to be gentle with yourself as it took time to get where you are now. But do not despair for it is possible. To get started on your journey, try our free ebook here ‘Is happiness a choice?’ which expands on what is discussed in this article.

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