3 Areas you need to Examine to Clear Your Mentality

3 Areas you need to Examine to Clear Your Mentality

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Resonance frequency in thoughts.

Your mentality ripples out in thoughts.

How your mind creates your reality

Your mentality is created by people, places and things you are surrounded by from your past life. It is these three elements that determine the quality of your mind. In other words, your thoughts are influenced by your environment (places), people (friends and family) and things that you have an attachment to in the physical realm. Let us have a closer look at each of the three.

  • Environments (places)

Take a good look at the environment you are born in and live, and you will notice that even when you leave your birth place, you go to places with the same frequency. And since your mentality is your frequency, you simply keep attracting the same environment due to the state of your mind. Your thoughts come from your mentality and keep creating the same scenarios for you to end up in the same spaces.

  • Family and friends (people)

These are people you brought from your past life. This means there is something that made you resonate with them. It is this resonance that will keep creating messed up mind states to keep you bound. To change this mentality, you may want to cut these people off first mentally and later the physical will follow. As they say, “when the mind leaves, the body follows”.

  • Things (material)

Ever wondered why you keep manifesting the same things around you? It is the mentality that you brought with you from not only a previous life but also one you have been creating in this life time. For example, I seemed to attract hoarders around me no matter what I tried. I discovered I had a lot of things in the previous life that people wanted and hence they are following me around this life time. Even if I am always decluttering my space, I manifest hoarders to junk it up. Until I learnt how to mentally declutter, this was an ongoing problem.

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