3 Different Ways You Can Drop materialism

3 Different Ways You Can Drop materialism

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Death of materialism

Thinking of materialism kills creativity!

How materialism affects your ability to create


To constantly be in the mind state of materialism is to give up your creativity. It is not that you don’t cater for the things you need to function in life, it is just that you have to cater for how much time spent thinking about materialism. When I refer to the word “materialism”, it doesn’t mean only “things”. It refers to thoughts as well as actions put out in the material 3D world. After all, thoughts become things. But how can we drop materialism when it is all around us?

Be careful what you listen to

Since thoughts become things, what you listen to will influence your mind state. For example, all modern-day rappers sing about, is car rims, money, jewellery, women etc., keep listening to this kind of music and see how you manifest a scenario where you can’t only create but you are constantly in lack. You are addicted to the material world. And remember, these musicians are used as influence by governments to push out their narratives. By addicting you to materialism you damage your spirit and get lost completely.

Take care of what you watch

What you watch eventually becomes your environment. You absorb all the influences and before you know it, you want that car in the show you watched. As mentioned previously, the aim of touting materialism in the shows you watch is to influence the way you live. Whoever influences you has your mind state, your Noah’s ark/mind. Since this is the vehicle with which you can create, if someone else owns it, you are left as a follower. The problem is you lose your currency in giving up your creativity for materialism.

Watch your thoughts

This keeps coming up as thoughts are things. If you don’t learn to become a witness/watcher by observing your thoughts come and go, they will absorb you. Imagine a high way with vehicles passing by and you observing them one by one. That is the same with your mind, it is like a high way, observe the thoughts go by. Otherwise, they turn into “things” in the material world. This in itself is the definition of death because you have not chosen the high way in your mind. It originated outside you and the only thing you can do is watch/observe. These “things”/thoughts in the materialism world can be people, places or things that put you in a repetitive cycle of trials and tribulations. So, learn to observe/witnessing meditation to overcome this problem.

I have written about the watcher/observer here if you wish to get out of a repetitive cycle.


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