3 Key Ways to Free Your Mind

3 Key Ways to Free Your Mind

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Mind is Noah's ark

Your mind is your Noah’s ark!

How to free up your Noah’s Ark

Mind is our main vehicle of travel in the esoteric realm. It is the Merkaba, your main spaceship. What most people call the boat –Noah’s ark. That is why there is an onslaught of information to capture your ark. Whoever wins the narrative you follow, wins your ark. It is a battle of minds, fighting for your sacred power of belief, faith and imagination. This is why it is your responsibility to protect your mind. Be careful what you expose it to and more importantly, what you come to give your power of belief. Let’s take a look at how to free your mind.



Whatever you watch, watch for entertainment

This is crucial to the battle ground of the mind, there is so much outside stimulus that influences the way you live. Many teachers advise that you don’t even partake in the programming channels in the shape of the news, TV, films etc. As you can see, you almost get cut off society if you stop watching main stream programmes all together. You have to assume a level of mind maturity if you are going to watch any programme. If you are simply watching for entertainment, your mentality is free as you don’t hold on to the ideas accumulated out of the programme.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

Birds of the same feathers, flock together. Your surrounding influences you to the same extent as your family. The company you keep will determine what kind of mind state you are in. If you keep negative minded people around you, they will inffect you with the same disease.

Cut mind chatter off

Mind chatter is the main problem for anyone who seeks to free the mind. It is the repetitive talking in your spaceship without reason. It is thoughts on autopilot recycling again and again creating worry and stress. The key to divert these is through use of meditation. But not any meditation, learn observation meditation that puts you in the awareness state all the time. I have written about this meditation in “Meditations of a Watcher” over here.


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