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Negative thinking patterns

Where do negative thinking patterns take charge?

Negative thinking patterns are thinking trends that lead you to make unwanted choices in your life. They are embedded deep in the subconscious mind which makes them often had to get rid of. Trying to get rid of negative thinking patterns can be often challenging and most people give up at the first huddle.  Unknowingly our parents/carers taught us all we are and do; up until 5 years of age children will soak up their environment. For example if parents argue around toddlers, that act of arguing goes in the child’s subconscious as acceptable.  When you grow up and you become aware that arguing is not acceptable in society, you disown the act of arguing and hence intense negative thinking patterns triggered when you notice people arguing. Because you have never dealt with it and your subconscious still recognises it.

How to turn your subconscious mind around

You must understand that all the negative thinking patterns that bother you in other people are ‘shadows’ that you have disowned. For example if you are bothered by controlling people, it means there is a controller in you and hence all you need to do is own the controlling ‘shadow’.  All the negative thinking patterns that bother you in other people are ‘shadows’ you have disowned. It does not mean you become controlling in a negative way but in a positive way. You could put these controlling negative thinking patterns to use successfully by applying them for example to business. ‘Shadows’ can be positive attributes we admire in other people but do not see in ourselves. When you see someone determined and you admire their determination; remember you must have disowned that part of yourself and that’s why you see it in other people. Sit quietly and write down both negative and positive attributes you see in other people. Work out how you are going to put the negative ones to good use and just own the positive ones through affirmations.

Take responsibility for where you are

We naturally want to point a finger at someone else irrespective of our part in the situation. Remember you have a part to play in whatever happens to you in life. We are always at cause but we just do not know it hence the same things keep happening. Have you ever wondered why some people may be ending up with the same results in life despite changes to their physical environment? It’s all inside and until we change the negative thinking patterns embedded in our subconscious mind; we go around in circles wondering what is wrong with us.

Let go of the past

Hate and anger fuel negative thinking patterns. It is pointless leaving in these emotions for things that are gone. I realise letting go is not easy but the rewards are worth trying. Start the forgiveness process and realise your potential. Something lingers in your chest at all times living in negative thinking patterns. Write a letter explaining what you are angry about; assuming anger is the emotion or any other negative emotion. Say if you are angry about your father not taking you seriously. You write, ’I am angry because my father used to think I was a joke but I totally forgive him…….’  Also remember half the time the people who you think are the causes of these emotions either do not know it or they do not care. It’s not worth leaving a life of misery simply because you will not let go of negative thinking patterns.

Negative thinking patterns are like blind folds; you are denied so much in life because you simply can not understand the laws of the universe.  Negative thinking patterns cripple your thinking ability and your judgement. You can not see abundance, joy, happiness and love when you are thinking negative. For information on how to get rid of negative thinking patterns visit us here.

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