3 Ways to Access your Subconscious Mind

3 Ways to Access your Subconscious Mind

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Akashic records

Your akashic records are like a book; open it!

How to Access your Akashic Records

Could it be possible that certain people are accessing their akashic records in this life time and remembering their past? The akashic records are the memory bank of your past life. To be accessed in this life time will take a lot of work. But it seems many people are actually able to go deep within and access these records. Since they are to do with memory, they are associated with vibration. Which is further associated with the fluid realm –the feminine. This means that the vibration is increasing on the planet. Therefore people can not only access their memories but also other feminine related tendencies. So how have they been able to hack the subconscious mind and access their memories?


Since creativity originates from the subconscious, by creating you hack the akashic records. Because creativity is a form of information. It gets spilled out either on a canvas through paint, paper through writers, songs through musicians or other creative forms. The information conjured up to become a book or a painting reveals what is in the subconscious mind and therefore accessing your akashic records. Hence the availability of creativity explains why so many are able to access their memory banks.


This is when you are in a state of alertness and are able to gather information from people, places and things with which to create. Because the whole world has been going through extreme natures, everyone has been forced to experience in one way or another. These experiences have been then stored in the subconscious mind and can be accessed through creativity.


Many people have taken on the art of meditation in order to survive the difficulties the world has been going through. Because meditation puts you in the space of stillness, you are able to access your akashic records. It is through this watchfulness that you become aware of yourself. Furthermore, a lot more people have taken on meditation in order to find themselves. There has been a growing hunger in self exploration. Just the hunger alone will start to spill your memories out for you to work through them.

For those who want to explore the state of alertness, I have written about the art of meditation in “Meditations of a Watcher” here.

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