4 Obvious Things to Eradicate Negative Patterns

4 Obvious Things to Eradicate Negative Patterns

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Eradicating negative thoughts

How to get rid of negative thoughts.

Negative patterns can lead to unhelpful decisions in daily living situations. When you make a decision to change your life, usually the thinking comes first and the target is these patterns. With them you usually see things in dimensions they are not and they are normally symptoms of what goes on in your subconscious mind. This part of the mind stores all the memory we are not even aware of and usually manifests it self in negative emotions like anger, jealousy, cynicism, fear and others. These emotions are just the tip of the ice berg as they are just systems and the root cause of these negative patterns is unseen. Below are the starting points of guidance.


You may say that you have heard it all before but do not under estimate the power of exercise. Since negative patterns are rooted in the subconscious mind the unseen benefits are far more important than the seen. Ok we all want to look good through exercise but remember that when you exercise certain chemicals are released and these chemicals help in the improvement of brain and general body functioning. Exercise does not have to be excessive to work but it has to be regular. Find ways to enjoy any type of exercise and most importantly make is regular for the full benefits that are not only physical but also emotional getting rid of negative patterns.


This dramatically improves your perception of things/situations around you. As mentioned in the previous paragraph negative patterns are deeply rooted. Meditation uses different brain waves to reach different depths of the brain and gradually uproot these patterns. However meditation is a practice people invest their time and money learning for many years. This can be very off putting for beginners; however their different sound technologies like holosync that does the same for zero years in practice and learning. Holosyn and binary technology uses the same concept of ridding you of negative patterns.


It is very important to heal your body from the inside out. Negative patterns can be as a result self neglect in different ways especially nutrition. I know this is hardly news but it normally takes numerous takes on a subject to drum it in your subconscious mind. David `Avocado’   says `Garbage in equals garbage out ‘. Surely no one can argue with him because if the inside is healed the outside is too. Food is something we can not do without but make healthy choices that will help in other areas like cutting out of negative attitudes.


It is important to know about your energy, negative patterns can be classed as such. When you educate your self you become equipped with knowledge that is power. You start making conscious choices and hence live in a constant positive flow. Education can be boring but with the birth of the internet that provides it in interfaces like video there is no excuse. After all, if your life is worth something boring and hard are words erased from your vocabulary. And remember the enemy within is always the worst one. There is a saying that says, keep your friends close but your enemies even closer. Watch these negative patterns and use all the resources out there to bin them.

Negative patterns are a part of an internal mental map that is part of the conditioning since our childhood. Leave it and lead a life of misery but rid yourself of this map and face unlimited happiness. Find out more here

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