4 Simple Keys to Confidence Building

4 Simple Keys to Confidence Building

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Confidence and happiness

Confidence the ultimate step to happiness

What is confidence building

Confidence building is an exercise that enhances us to take leaps personally, professionally and socially. These leaps can only come within us in agreement with the exercises being done. For example if the company you work for has team building exercises that may include building confidence; if you are not in agreement with this protocol, you will not be part of the team and you will not become confident. In other words, you have to get your mind, body and soul involved in what you are doing in order to succeed. Confidence building can be daunting but a worth while exercise as it determines where you will be in different aspects of life.

So how can confidence building be attained?

Enroll on a confidence building course: This can only work if you are engaged. Seven years ago I enrolled on a similar course with a company called LEAP. I was tired of being timid or shy. All the course staff members were very enthusiastic people who tried to engage all of us on the course. During the course we were asked to introduce ourselves at the front of the class stating our names, age, reasons for enrolling and our expectations of the course. I was so petrified, shaking like a leaf in front of the class on day one. Luckily, I was not the only one. I later found that the purpose of the exercise was to give staff members an idea of what level every one was at and how much work they needed for each of us. At the end of the two weeks I gave a presentation about a subject that was chosen at random. Now that is proof that the confidence building workshops, courses or seminars can get you there in the fastest time possible; but remember you have to be engaged.

Four breakdowns

Visualize yourself being confident: This is so crucial to getting your subconscious mind in agreement with your cause of confidence building. The mind works in pictures and it would be great if you can make a mind movie, a vision board full of pictures of confident exuberant people. This will produce positive emotions every time you look at the visual representation of confident people and hence spur you to your goal quicker and easier. This makes confidence building an accessible exercise.

Decide to be happy: Confidence building can be easier if you are happy. This means you attract happy moments and people in your life making the process less of a strain. However, being happy is a choice, that may not resonate with everyone; the law of attraction emphasizes the concept of like causes attract each other. This can be seen with the discovery that your income averages that of the people closest to you. Still you may not believe me at this point so I urge you to go and do the average of your income with your friends, the results will be very revealing. The same concept works with different aspects of our life. Being happy alone, means you are some way to improving your confidence making confidence building an easier exercise.

Befriend confident people: We all know someone who is more confident than we are and making them your friend should be your goal. This concept makes the whole confidence building much quicker. Again this is emphasized by the law of attraction: be round those that have already achieved what you are aspiring to. Surrounding yourself with these people will start triggering your mind to work out ways to be like them. This may start happening at an unconscious level meaning that you start behaving like the people you admired before without even noticing. An example of this is when I wanted to loose weight, most of the mums I befriended were slim and I did not even mean to do this. Within two months a lot of people were telling me that I had lost a lot of weight. I did not even work out, of course regular exercise is a healthier way of loosing weight but I was happy to loose it any way. Like wise confidence building may automatically become easier or even not noticeable if you try this out.

Confidence building can enhance our freedom socially, financially and personally.  Find out more about us here.

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