5 Signs you are Around Energy Vampires

5 Signs you are Around Energy Vampires

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Energy vampires are like garbage – bin them!


How to get rid of Unwanted People


Deep within every ravine of the heart there is someone unwanted. But what does it take to get rid of unwanted people? Just like persistent vermin from rats, these people hang around you like bad breath waiting for any opportunity to siphon any goodness out of your state of being – they are energy vampires

Not only do they suck the soul, spirit but also the body as they insist on occupying your sacred space.

  1. You are tired

The body will react in lethargic ways if you have energy vampires around you. You will feel tired all the time even when these people are directly not around you. By you having them on your mind is a sign that they are in your space hence sucking your essence. And if they are directly in your space, you tend to take more of the physical load than them. Whether they are family or friends, the relationship plays out in this unbalanced way.

  1. People come in your life for help

If you have people coming in your life for help but never there when you need help, you are dealing with energy vampires. They act like beggars and lean on your compassionate nature to ease your essence out of you. But no sooner you need help, they are nowhere to be found.

  1. They are in your dream space

When you dream, that is your subconscious mind. If you are experiencing dreams with people you hardly associate with; they are unwanted hence energy vampires. And the only reason they are in your dream space is that they are harvesting you. Remember how you felt when you woke up because the yang/subconscious realm is feeling. If you feel scared, threatened, in danger or any other negative feeling, cut these people, places or things off.

  1. People asking for things

This is a sign that not only that these people have a spirit of poverty around you but also a begging spirit. Generally, people should be content in what they have in one particular moment. No spirit should impose on another by asking for things. Soon or later they will stop asking and start stealing. Remember to follow the rule of proportions i.e. how many times have they given you something versus how many times they have asked you for things?  This is not about being rich or poor, it’s about your spirit being content or not. If you feel the need to beg you are in the category of energy vampires.

  1. You Cut people off but they won’t go away

If there is an air of familiarity afforded by people who cling to you. These people normally will not take subtle ques even when your position is clear. You may go to great lengths i.e. change phone numbers and still have these energy vampires follow you. At this point you can’t be blamed if you borrow the harness of bravery and directly speak in turn to be left alone. If it is family members, secluding your space may be a touch harder as they feel they are entitled to your sacred space. But I am here to tell you, no one is or was ever entitled to your sacred space.

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