A Working Goal Setting Theory

A Working Goal Setting Theory

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Art of Goal setting theory

A good goal setting theory has to have the ingredients of a successful journey. Before you write your goals down, find out what your values and beliefs are. It is these core values we have to live by and therefore your goals have to be relevant to these beliefs and values. Write two lists one being your values and beliefs, the other being your skills (these could be attained in form of education or experience).  Weigh both lists and see if you can integrate them in your goals. If this is not possible it is normally a sign that your passions are not in one or the other.  Trim the list down until it caters for your needs. Behind the goal setting theory is an abbreviation S.M.A.R.T which is broken down in the coming chapters.

S. M. A. R. T

S for Specific: A smart goal setting theory has to be specific. You have to name exactly what you want in detail.  If it is a car name the colour, make, model and how you want it inside. It is advisable to take a trip to the specific dealers to ensure the description is right. Take a step further by taking a photo in the car for your vision board. This is so powerful as your subconscious mind start seeing you in the car and hence working out ways to get it. This goal setting theory has been tested by so many people. It is not always possible to have the exact picture of your goal but it is worth a try finding ways to take one.

M for Measurable: This goal setting theory requires putting a measure on the goal. How much money do you want? Because everyone wants money but the difference is how much each of us wants. We all want different looking houses, cars, watches and so on. If you do not a measure on your goal your subconscious can not figure out what you want. If you listen to all the gurus they emphasize the importance of putting a measure on the goal setting theory.

A for As if now: Using this goal setting theory requires telling your subconscious mind you have already manifested the goal. Be happy while you are waiting and if you find this challenging to do, try writing a list of the things you are grateful for daily. That way your mind focuses only on the things that make you happy. This will start showing in your emotions, you will be happy whether you have the goal or not. Practising daily gratitude will help you live in the moment with openness not trying to influence it but letting everything be ok. Using this goal setting theory will open up unexpected doors; just have to be ready to enter.

R for Realistic: If you expect a goal setting theory to work, it has to be very realistic. The best goal setting theory is one that has been properly thought through to make it workable. An example would be a financial goal that was not even 50% believable. These goals work at a subconscious level and before you set the goal make sure it is half believable. For example if you had a business bringing an annual income on $40,000 and you set a goal for a $500,000 your subconscious mind will not believe that will happen unless there extra measures put in place to make it 50% believable. This smart goal setting theory will work every time if implemented properly.

T for Time bound: Time limits are great for a goal setting theory to work properly. Most people find 90 days more of a realistic time for a small goal but big goals have to be timed according to your needs. Timing has its reasons as one has to have a step to step plan of attaining the goal. Time will give you a day to day schedule that has to be worked through up to the last day of attainment. However hard it is to keep a daily dairy of things you have to do; it is worth remembering that without one the mind will wonder to other things rather than the goal. Sometimes it will be inevitable to miss a day, do not be hard on yourself as long as you are trying to keep up with this goal setting theory.

Behind a mind capable of achieving any goals, is positive thinking. However much you try to achieve a goal without changing your thinking it is a dead end. All the goal setting theories mentioned are based on a positive thinking mind. Therefore before you start implementing any of the above theories, get rid of negative thinking. For more information, visit us here.

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