Awareness of Negative Minded People

Awareness of Negative Minded People

What a negative minded people.

Negative minded people.

Negative minded people operate in a constant state of heightened negative vibrations. Their auto suggestions direct them to make un-resourceful choices and often these choices may affect vulnerable people around them. They live in hatred, envy, anger, selfishness, jealous cynicism and other negative emotions. They often embrace fear instead of faith. They have no desire to achieve any goals but are willing to stand in they way of those who desire. Therefore those of you who believe in the laws of the attraction and other laws of the universe have to increase your awareness in order not to fall victims of negative minded people. We can do this through various methods some of which are discussed below:

Make your desires/goals known to your subconscious mind:

You find that negative minded people work on their subconscious mind in the reverse order. They feed it negative emotions and unconsciously work hard daily to maintain the heightened state of negative vibrations. However if you instead start feeding the subconscious mind with positive emotions in the shape of your desires/goals you will start to see changes. This can be done in various ways but writing a list of the things you want and use 30 minutes of the day focusing on that list will be a good start.

This will increasingly help the ‘trip effect’ which is what happens when you are not subconsciously aware of what you want. When negative minded people find you in a heightened state of positive flow they can not trip you. Your mind will instantly point you to what is important to you. The best way I have found of recording your goals is through mind movies. Coupled with the fast music playing with the movie; excitement of watching the things you desire played in a movie format drives the message to the subconscious mind faster, bigger and better.

Watching the movie twice daily focuses the mind into action hence little or no effects from negative minded people. Believe me that will make you a master in manifesting because every time you watch the movie your mind will start working out how through your persistence your desires/goals can be achieved. The negative minded people will start to fall away in your life.


In negative minded people you find fear instead of faith. Faith is the bed rock of all manifestations. If you search in history you will find that all co-operations, industries, inventions, discoveries in science began with a thought that was fueled by desire and FAITH. As Napoleon Hill writes ‘Faith is the only antidote to Failure’. The best example of what faith can do is Mahatma Gandhi for without any orthodox tools of power like an army and money he created one of the most powerful movement known in civilisation. And he did it through understanding the principles of FAITH. With faith all negative minded people will realise they have no place in your life as you will be concentrating on the things that matter to you.

Be happy:

Regardless of what is going on in your life, there is something to be grateful for. Negative minded people love being in constant misery selectively only seeing the mishaps in their lives. I am so happy every moment of my life. I am in constant gratitude for every abundance there is. I am grateful for the water that runs through my taps, roads, transport and because I am grateful I know all the right opportunities come to me and inspirational people are attracted to me.

When I get a challenge I relish the growth that comes with it. I see opportunities in all situations negative minded people do not see.   When you let negative emotions be the driving force of your life, you are constantly unhappy seeing the worst in every situation. You feed on the next situation, gadget or event for your happiness not understanding that because material things do not change you soon get bored of them. Until you understand that happiness, joy, contentment starts in you and your understanding of the laws of the universe you will forever be unhappy.


These are either negative or positive characteristics that you have refused to acknowledge therefore see them in others but not yourself. Negative minded people have these in the form of negative characteristics they see in others but not themselves. They have buried them in the basement. If you find yourself being bothered by any negative emotion, it means you have the emotion in you and because you have refused to acknowledge it and hence see it in others but not yourself.

Owning/acknowledging whatever shadows (positive or negative) you have will mean recognising them and finding ways to make them productive. For example I used to hate obsessive people but little did I know that the obsessive characteristics in me saw others but not myself. Through the process of recognition I came to understand that I was responsible for whatever happened to me whether good or bad and whatever I saw in negative minded people was in me.  I am now putting these characteristics in me to run methodical businesses rather than people.

So own it and remember to put it to good use! Shadows can also be positive characteristics you see in other people, if you find yourself admiring someone’s ability to run successful businesses, it means you are sitting on their shoulders instead of digging inside you to find these positive characteristics and put them to use. Remember every thing whether positive or negative you see in other people is a shadow your subconscious mind activates when you notice it in other people. Next time you find yourself worshiping your idols, remember what your mind is doing –Mirroring!

Creating greater awareness of negative minded people or situations is the only antidote to suffering as they are everywhere. In the day to day living negative minded people or negative situations are in the media, at work, at home; you name it and hence hard to avoid. But by increasing awareness through various ways you learn to notice negative minded people and situations and not get affected by them.

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