Can Meditation bring Happiness to your Life?

Can Meditation bring Happiness to your Life?

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Meditation is happy!

Meditation is happiness!


How meditation can help you achieve a sense of calm and stillness

Whether it is moving traffic or hustling wind, noise is all around us. Meditation has always been thought to create balance between the internal world and external world. But within the materialistic point of view, nothing is explored within the internal world. The internal world only exists for those deemed spiritual. Unfortunately, this spiritual group of people is perceived to be sometimes life negating. This is mainly because under one umbrella of spirituality encompasses even those who torture themselves in this name. For that reason, many materialists will not explore the world of meditation.

Why explore meditation?

Apart from what Westerners refer to  a Zen  sense of calm, you can learn to be the source of yourself through the practice of meditation. We are all conditioned to believe in politics, religion and education by default. If you have found this practice, you will learn to access a well of intelligence from the universal pool. Because the practice is mainly about learning to be in the present, the practitioner soon learns to witness any events evolve around them. They then relate to these events from a present moment perspective. Not the past or the future but that which is here “NOW”.

Can a materialist world be complimentary to meditation?

Even better, because once you are materially fulfilled, you can easily create a space in which to practice meditation. While the body starves, strives, begs….you can never be interested in the beyond. Let’s face it, you are hungry and the first thing that kicks in is a survival instinct to find food. Unless you are Buddha, meditation becomes a luxury when life is in crisis. So the best people suited to the practice will be Westerners who have or are experiencing ample material wealth. They will have reached a point of enjoyment that allows them room to explore what is beyond the forms in the material world.

How to easily access meditation
Calm in meditation

Meditation is a source of bliss

There are many websites that will have downloadable guided meditations. I would however recommend you go with an open mind because there are as many meditation techniques as there are minds. For that reason, follow your instinct on what to try. Guided practices are usually the best ones for beginners as the mind chatter is still too loud. But remember not to get stuck in them. Why? You are listening to someone’s voice or a piece of music which isn’t your own. The point of meditation is find your individuality and there is nothing individual about listening to someone’s  voice coming through their intelligence. Start with it but remember, real changes start from your own intelligence born through your individuality. If you what to explore what this might mean for you, check out our meditation model here.

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