Can The Power Of Positive Thinking Change Your Life?

Can The Power Of Positive Thinking Change Your Life?

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Positive thinking

Power of Positive thinking

You’ve probably heard of the power of positive thinking before.  But have you ever considered if it really works?

While many people have their own ideas about the power of positive thinking and what it means, one basic concept forms the center of it.  This can be described in a single sentence – “You are what you think about.”  You may also see this written as “You become what you think about.”  Which may also be interpreted, that we are by- products of what goes on in the subconscious mind.

How life changes with positive mindset

In essence both of these sentences are true; they simply apply to different parts of the power. Parts referring to both seen and unseen parts of our thinking. Dealing with the unseen means you are making quantum leaps.  This is what the power of positive thinking is all about.  It tells us that the way we think directly affects what our lives are like.  This is because it affects our actions and not just the way we think.

So you can see from this that the power of positive thinking really can change your life.  Let’s look at a practical example that will illustrate this.  Have you ever had a day where something has gone wrong very early on in the day?  What was your reaction to it?  Did you shrug it off and continue to look at the day in a bright and positive manner?  Or did you go into a negative mindset that believed this would be a bad day?

If you are like most people the chances are you would have slipped into the latter frame of mind without even thinking.  It depends on how positively you started the day of course, but for the most part if you were in a neutral frame of mind you would start expecting more bad things to come.

See the good in everything

The truth is that the power of positive thinking would lead you to have a better day because you would see the good in everything instead of looking for the bad.  And because of this healthy frame of mind you would perform better in everyday tasks and achieve more because of it.  Needless to say if you didn’t believe in the power of positive thinking you wouldn’t get the same results.

Now imagine applying the power of positive thinking to every single day of your life.  What do you think the result would be?  You would achieve more and open up more opportunities and chances for yourself because you would be thinking positively and looking at the world through a positive frame of mind.  You would also be more likely to learn from negative and disappointing experiences because you would be eager to see the positive in each of those situations.  Can you see how the power of positive thinking really can influence how your life turns out? You also learn that all challenges are there to develop character rather than create suffering. After all pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

You may think that it is too late to make changes in your life.  But this isn’t true.  This is the best thing about this power – it can be set in motion on any day you choose and as a result you can start benefiting from the power of positive thinking from today onwards.  It’s up to you to start making the right move.

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