Causes of Depression Unmasked

Causes of Depression Unmasked

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Depression and growth

Does depression affect your growth?

What is depression?

From definition depression is anger turned inwards. Scientists have found that whatever we are, we became by the age of seven years. So essentially what they mean is that if you are depressed the experiences that triggered the depression began when you were or just before seven. The mind is very powerful and certainly stores memories some of which we have suppressed but we can learn to reprogram it.  Reprogramming the subconscious mind can relieve us of the uncomfortable past enabling us to live in the present. If we look at the causes of depression we find that the damage can normally be undone.

So what are the main causes of depression?

Suppressed Anger:  Depression can be caused by suppressed anger. A lot of us could not express ourselves when we were growing up, we had parents or carers who simply carried the belief that a child should be seen and not heard: In cases where abuse was carried out and children could not speak up, the silence may amount to more than depression. As a result the anger is internalized, emotions suppressed that are naturally meant to come out. This makes it difficult to live normally and make normal working relationships. As we discover that other people behave differently, we start looking on from the outside fence hence depression. The sense of longing to belong can intensify to greater heights if help is not sort quickly.

Living in the past: Depression can be caused by simply falling in love with the past. However good the past may have been, it is not good dwelling on it as when your mind reviews your immediate circumstances that are not so good, you become sad. A lot of teaches teach the surrender concept knowing that we can not control everything in our mortal lives.  A surrendered life lives in the moment and knows that whatever happens is ok and hence move on with their life with ease. If you are having any sort of discomfort in your life you know you are not surrendered. That discomfort/dis-ease becomes disease and quite simply that is how we create ill health like depression, bad relationships, luck of money and many more.

Control: Depression is caused by attachment to results. Again if you are living in anticipation of something that is yet to happen, you are so attached and therefore should it happen you will be in euphoria (which could be ego driven) or if it does not happen you will in extreme negative emotions. Once you realise that you know nothing or what you know simply does not serve you (causes pain) and be willing to draw on the canvas again. Starting A NEW LEARNING EXPERIENCE YOU ARE SOME WAY THERE. Depression is mainly caused by our minds living in the past to which sometimes we are not aware. Bring yourself in surrender of all you know and live in the now. Leave control to the higher power.

Depressed people are very angry people and often not nice to be around. If you are willing to get help and get to reprogram your subconscious mind in surrender of what you know, then the healing will be very easy for you. To find out more, visit us here

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