Challenges of Spiritual Love

Challenges of Spiritual Love

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Love can challenge even the best of lovers.


Facing The Trials of Love’s


If love is the ultimate attainment

Why is the pain so persistent?

For the very experience of love is union

Union from the duality to the one


So hence come the challenges

Some may even look and feel like depression

A feeling of desertion from being split

A longing from that which you were split from


The work on the path is raw with pain

No one in the conscious community will tell you so

They will sugar coat the experience and tell you it’s sweet

When it’s nothing like so, I will tell you why


When Osho invited his followers to jump into the river of life

He meant this path is not for the faint hearted

Many have almost given up

For trial and tests keep coming their way


Love will keep burning until all is clear

The wheat has to be separated from the chuff

It is this process that drives you almost insane

For love takes no prisoners in its wake


Sometimes the beloved will ask for the impossible

For love to survive in the matrix

The spinning of time doesn’t allow it

But that is the work to reach compatibility


Some things have to die for love to survive

A leper cannot reside with the living healthy

His leprosy splits him from the community

It is the work of love for these margins to disappear


When love knocks it knocks with indifference

For whosoever may receive its not choosy

Its pains though like growth pains

You never know if you will make it to next morning


The path of love is dotted with opportunity

But only open hearts can receive it’s fresh fruit

No one can walk love’s plunk a lone

Yet it is in aloneness that love is attained

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