Change; the Inevitable Teacher

Change; the Inevitable Teacher

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Your enlightenment is like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly.

How to deal with change

Whether you are going through joy or sadness, there is always one constant – change. It is important to understand, inner-stand and over-stand that as fast or slow as circumstance comes, as fast or slow it will leave. It all depends on how you deal with the circumstance. If you are feeding it worry and stress, it will linger on as lower vibrations are heavier. So, what is the best way of dealing with change?



“That too shall pass”

I was listening to Osho today and couldn’t help but share this anecdote. About a Sufi story of a king who wanted advice at his dire hour of need. And the advice engraved in a diamond was “that too shall pass”. How many times do you go through challenges as if they will last forever? You forget the pain of labour passes and brings forth something new. It is through this pain that change comes in a shape of a child.

Nothing to fear but change

You have been indoctrinated to be in a state of anxiety. Anxiety is fear of the future, a future that is yet to come. How can you be in a state of fear for something that hasn’t happened yet? “Nothing to fear but change itself” has been a slogan in the field of indoctrination. This is due to powers that be pushing out fear narratives that keep you in fear. And this fear is being afraid of change, the future; which is inevitable.

Become a witness

This was the point of Osho’s anecdote “this too shall pass”. When you become a witness, you observe people, places and things come and go while you remain a witness. You observe thoughts like clouds pass through and you remain imperturbable. You are out of the duality swing of good and bad. You simply remain a witness and just watch the changes go by. Because after all, change is inevitable no matter who you are.

If you want to know more about the witness, I have written a book, “Meditations of a Watcher” over here.

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