Choose Love

Choose Love

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Choose choice

Love is a choice


How to feel your way to full vitality


Love, yet another over-used word in this web of words. Where the tongue weaves a snare around the recipient’s heart. Used loosely just as any other words, the word love is high in vibration but lowered when used in a dense materialistic way.

You can’t deny this observation when you hear statements such as “I love ice cream”. With ice cream being loved in the same way you love your daughter or mother/father, what is the difference? You could say that the context decides the vibrational or the frequency of how it is used. Could it be a trick of language or a misuse of the word?


Real life has different intensities

Part of the problem is that most people have not touched different levels of intensities in feelings to understand the meaning of love. With feelings being the language within which you should lead your life, words should be secondary.

But because feelings have been replaced with external things such as material, you don’t know how to interact with your internal world. Unfortunately, this is the root of the misunderstanding and misuse of words.


Always follow the way you feel

The way you feel should dictate the direction of your life. Just like a Sat Nav gives you directions of where you are heading, your feelings are unique to you alone. Following others is like following other cars on the highway in hope that the driver you are following is heading the same direction. You don’t do that because that would be insane, why do you think it is okay to follow others’ feelings?

Simply put, you will never experience love if you don’t follow your own internal Sat Nav. It will always remain someone’s idea about how you live your life. Just watch the pain all the indoctrination has caused you. This pain is due to living according to ideas outside yourself and in order to stop it you have to choose love and therefore choose yourself.


Happy Seeking!

To your Journey into Self Exploration!



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