Confessions Of A Negative Mind

Confessions Of A Negative Mind

A "no" is an inverse "Yes"

Saying “no” means safe in negativity

A negative mind is as a result of losing control of your thoughts. There are forces all around you channeling your uncontrolled thoughts in their direction. A negative mind sets you back in so many ways and progress is often slow or at times non existent. With a negative mind you think; I can not afford it, it is out of reach, I will never be rich, no one likes me, she is out of my league.  I could go on; you know what you are thinking! There is a battle going in your mind and you need to win it!

Effect of beliefs

Deep embedded in your mind there are beliefs you may not be aware of that are driving your life. If you look closely at yourself and the life decisions that you have made through the years you can come to a conclusion on how your mind works.  For example your marriage and your cycle of friends is a good indicator. If the people you looked up to let you down during your childhood and you have never forgiven yourself and them; chances are you will attract a partner with the same characters as those you are trying to get away from. Because you are concentrating on what these people or a people treat you rather than how you would have liked to be treated, you are attracting negativity.

With a negative mind acceptance of self and self power is seen as selfish or arrogant. A negative mind drives your thinking to no or little self worth; you think I do not believe I deserve mega success. You are convinced it has to be a struggle to manifest anything. You project success, happiness, joy and riches to other people by thinking they are more gifted or lucky and therefore you should not try.

Power of choice

Every day we are faced by so many choices, you make a choice depending on your beliefs, reality and dreams. These choices are limited by the way you think. A negative mind will evolve in your choices for years until you choose to change it. I always look at these choices as doors in front of me not knowing what is on the other side.  Getting in is always the easy part whether it is a positive or negative choice but exiting may take years. Using the power of your mind will determine how long you take to overcome any challenges in your life.

Prevention is better than cure

The subject of how our minds work is a huge one. There is a lot written on how to control a negative mind but often no emphasis is put on the causes. If you try to cure something without knowing its origins, you often get no where. As the saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Knowing the causes of a negative mind will no doubt make prevention the goal. To find these causes, often means facing up to yourself which can be challenging but rewarding.

A negative mind affects all aspects of a life and efforts should be made to take control or prevent it. In extreme circumstance it may lead to debilitating illnesses and suicide.

Writing on the subject is a hobby I took up recently after experiencing the effects of uncontrolled thoughts. I am still learning and I would love a lot of people to join me on this journey. Find me at:

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