Is Creativity a Portal for Happiness?

Is Creativity a Portal for Happiness?

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Happiness vs creativity

Is Happiness possible without Creativity?

Why being creative can enhance your happiness and wellbeing.

Whether it is sand castles on the beach or a Picasso, there is one similarity; the source of their creativity is happiness. With tender hearts comes tender hands, innocence of a child creates the blissful joyous state from which you can learn to create. But it is not a case of learning to create, it is a case of remembering your lost sense of wonder and awe. This sense of wonder allowed you to chase butterflies when you were younger without being attached to the result of catching the butterfly. Hence the exploration here is how creativity can lead to happiness.

A sense of Dissolvement

Happiness comes with a sense of dissolvement. This means that you are totality involved with what you are participating in. For example, if you are dancing, the dancer becomes the dance. You cannot tear them apart. There is total involvement in the task and the one taking part in the task. To understand this fully, watch young children in play and you will see a state of total involvement. This then awakens the heart as it is in the heart centre that we create from. Once you are in the heart, it acts as a magnet to happiness, your natural state of flow.

Participate in something you love

You can only dissolve in something you love. You will not find happiness while doing things you hate. The simple reason is that you cannot be total, you can not cheat the heart this way. However, if you choose to play for example a guitar and you are really in the space for the music. A different atmosphere is created in the heart space that resonates happiness in and around you. This is a frequency that is explained in the book “Is Happiness a Choice?” which you can download free if you want to explore further.

Let go of any sense of achievement

Happiness cannot be packaged in any way. Hence the mystery that surrounds this phenomenon. If you are doing something you love and you are doing it totally; I found that you lose a sense of achievement. Because it is this sense of achievement that creates the constant state of misery. This is because you project your achievement in the future. Just like a child chasing shadows, you have chased these shadows before and it is time you let go and be here Now. Now is the only happiness!


Sometimes it takes time to grasp a concept, but I have realised that through listening to so many people. It all starts to make sense eventually. Wherever you are in your development, I urge you to just keep at it – don’t give up. Download a free copy of “Is Happiness a Choice?” to explore further.

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