Cultivating a Think Positive Mindset

Cultivating a Think Positive Mindset

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Cultivating a positive mindset.

Like a tree, a positive mindset can be cultivated.

How to cultivate a positive mindset.

A think positive mindset is about exercising control of thoughts, making a connection between them and your actions. Understanding and over-standing the power of your thoughts will underline mastering them. This has to be a conscious decision that has to be backed up daily work. Every thought that comes in mind has to be given severe scrutiny before it turns into word or deed. You can do this in different ways like affirmations, vision boards, mind movies or carrying photos of loved ones around that bring a smile to your face when you need it. This helps by focusing your mind to the things that matter to you rather than those that do not. A think positive mindset will dramatically improve your life.

Road map to cultivation

Thought: Having chosen what thoughts you want, a think positive mindset will encourage you to focus on a particular thought repeatedly until your mind is so circulated it becomes second nature. Continuous reminder of a want/need to the subconscious mind will cultivate and spur the mind on to reach to its maximum potential.  This will in turn eliminate negative thoughts by developing love for all humanity. Loving all humanity will change your perception of how you receive love, joy and other positive emotions. It will increase your openness to receiving from other people without judgement or bias. This openness will increase awareness which will lead to grace and a greater think positive mindset.

Desire: A burning desire is the key to engineering a think positive mindset. There are always difficulties in the way to trip you. Make your desire extraordinary by doing what it takes to achieve it. Sometimes it may look totally bleak but do not let what you learn in the light disappear in the dark. Encourage yourself when things seem tough or get a support group.  Desire breeds faith and faith will push you to extraordinary lengths to achieve your goals. In the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, there is a whole chapter dedicated to DESIRE because it is very crucial to build up longing for something that you want. Stand by your desire until it becomes a dominating obsession that yields a think positive mindset in order to manifest your desires. But make sure your desires are not of the lower nature, i.e money. Desire love, bliss, happiness……

Persistence:  Every failure brings with it a seed of an equivalent success that will enhance a think positive mindset. Persistence and belief go hand in hand as belief in yourself will cause a consistent drive to continue on a specified path. In persistence the subconscious mind will have constant reminders of what you are trying to achieve. This drive can be enhanced by mini daily goals that gently lead to the big goals. By using positive emotions to dominate your mind and eliminate negative thoughts you are embedding/planting a hard foundation to break that will enable a think positive mindset to take root. In turn the domination of positive thoughts in the mind will give the subconscious instructions to accept and act upon the instructions. Having faith in what you are doing will make persistence easy and will inevitably will you on. Mix emotions with your positive thoughts that will add magic that will increase your vibrations bringing your goals closer.

A think positive mindset will increase your life span dramatically. It is worth investigating all the tools out there that can increase your outlook in a positive way. Find out more about us  here.


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