How you have cut ties with Happiness

How you have cut ties with Happiness

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Happiness is your basic nature

3 main ways you have created the state of unhappiness in your life

In this great search for happiness, the jungle is full of uncharted territory. But what if there was nothing to search? What if the searcher was the searched?.Have you ever encountered a child searching for happiness? We seem to be a generation of trends, trending everything including even our well-being. So how have you made your basic nature of happiness into unhappiness?


Goal Orientation

Happiness doesn’t adhere to the mental maps of cookie cutting. You can not project the goal of being happy in the future. Goal orientation is used as a planning tool in the physical world with physical things. But when it comes to happiness, how can you use the tools of the physical to attain that which is not physical? Happiness is not a thing/an object to be attained. It is your basic nature, only accessible through the child within. As you can notice, no child ever keeps a dairy of goals. They simply are moment to moment.


Being in the Now

Happiness doesn’t know yesterday or tomorrow, it is a moment to moment phenomenon. You can not plan to be happy tomorrow. This ties in with goal orientation as you associate happiness with a pay check. This association triggers the postponement of your experience into the future. Naturally you will be miserable in the moment as your bliss is yet to be realized in the future. It is with this realization that you will suddenly see why you have been revolving around a wheel of misery.


Yes, happiness does not adhere to the laws of your competitions. To compete is to be better than the other. The very effort and desire to be better keeps you in a state of unhappiness. Whether you lose or win, you will be in a state of misery. The winner will have to work harder to keep the title and the looser will have to work hard to attain the title. The weighing scale of misery keeps a noose around both parties and therefore no room for happiness.


In conclusion, I suggest that the only way to be happy is through innocence. All innocence knows is happiness. To find out more about the journey back to innocence click here.

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