Depression Awareness –Why the truth is hidden in profiteers’ pockets

Depression Awareness –Why the truth is hidden in profiteers’ pockets

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Depression awareness

Depression Awareness


Why depression awareness can only be created by the sufferers


Depression awareness has been led by the very companies that profit from depression. Life is a paradox, that is the way things work naturally but can you evoke a different paradox where the sufferers create awareness? Triggered by a natural law of opposites, the scales have to tip one way in order to tip the other.


With pharmaceutical companies tipping the scales deep in their pockets at the expense of those suffering from depression, true awareness is way over due from the sufferers themselves. But with general acceptance of how the system is run, depression awareness will have to invent new ways to get hard.

How did depression awareness get in the hands of big pharmaceutical companies?


In the grander scheme of things, we are all one. One organism existing in individuated parts. This creates the illusion of separation and it is this separation that feeds the ego. With ego being the separate self, those in positions of power have manifested this separation in grander ways.


They feel so separate from everyone that they can cause harm without any remorse. Like many problems faced on the planet, depression awareness will have to be taken from the hands of the ego for the people to start getting the help they need.


Are you conversant with depression awareness?


The truth is, we have all experienced depression at some point in our lives. While many may not be aware, it is common to experience some form of it in times of crisis. But without organic depression awareness, often the first point of call is the doctor.


With medication, the most accessible tool in a doctor’s tool kit, many people have ended up on heavy medication without necessarily needing to. Doctors used to have the best interests of their patients but with pharmaceutical companies owning most schools of medicine; you can already see the conflict of interest.

Doctors don’t seem to have depression awareness themselves so how are they supposed to treat their patients?


Have depression awareness first before you seek medical help.


I am not saying don’t seek medical help when faced with depression. I am simply saying examine all your options before you go on medication. With depression awareness, you will find that they are therapies that could alleviate the symptoms. You could also find local communities that support people experiencing depression.


I understand that part of the experience of depression is to draw inwards and cut yourself off from those around you. There is often one way, one person that will be a catalyst to the help that you need. While your privacy is crucial to your healing, depression awareness will create the balance you need.


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